TENco Entertainment

Connect with like-minded individuals through intimate and unforgettable moments.


Unforgettable moments are crucial to your TENco experience.

Hosted internationally and spread throughout the year, TENco Events will actively bring you prime opportunities to network, enjoy life, and immerse yourself in luxurious arts and culture.

All the events ultimately lead up to our anticipated event of the year, the annual TENco Gala. Full of splendour, special guests and surprises, this is the golden occasion to meet the TENco community.

Annual Gala

An annual celebration for the TENco community to come together, you do not want to miss out on this. Our international network allows us to select a new hosting city each year for the famed themed evenings.

The 2019 Casino Night Gala was held in Geneva in partnership with Brunello Cucinelli, and amongst the guest list were distinguished individuals such as Rose Bertram, Stephen Mao, Florian Picasso and Sophia Nitikchuk.

To provide an opportunity to give back to a cause of your choosing, esteemed non-profit charities are also invited and present. Chat your evening away in glamour and entertainment – it’s time to splash out the champagne and ravish in culinary delights.

2020 Events

February 2020

one year anniversary

Lisbon, Portugal
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February 2020


1 night at the Picasso Mansion in Cannes

Live Stream Event performed by DJ/Producer, Florian Picasso


August 27-30

TENco’s Grand Swiss Tour 2020 x Cyril Neveu

TENco will be inviting our members and special guests for a driving tour throughout Switzerland to discover all things Swiss. The tour will include luxury accommodation, driving through the finest roads and mountain passes, and discovering beautiful and breathtaking sites.

victoria jungfrau grand hotel logo

August 27-30

October 10, 2020

TENco x Global Gift Gala

TENco presents the prestigious 11th Global Gift Gala in Paris! We have partnered with Global Gift Foundation for incredible evening at Four Seasons George V to raise money for children with medical care, educational and basic needs.

The event will be full of special guests and performances including Leona Lewis! More information to follow.

Paris, France
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October 10, 2020


Museum of Picasso

We will be holding an incredible event at Picasso Museum in Paris during Haute Couture where we will be combining art, music, and fashion.

Paris, France