About TENco

Our Vision

Create a tightly knit private membership circle with a single point of contact to focus on building strong relationships.

We aim to connect you to new opportunities within our selective network & enhance your lifestyle through our specialised services by offering a complete solution.

A Global Reach

TENco guarantees a seamless and worldwide service, with representation in Europe
Asia and the US.

A word from our ceo

TENco was born from my personal experiences. Being a client and receiving services from elite concierge companies, I saw spaces for improvement and decided to take an initiative to transform the industry. My education at École hôtelière de Lausanne furthermore strengthened my decision to create a completely new product in the service market – a company specializing in personalized experiences and creating sustainable relationships with customers and partners.

Serving and advising our members with the highest standards possible, TENco is creating an engaging community both for clients and partners to connect with each other. In line with this vision, we especially host exclusive events throughout the year to provide our members with unique opportunities.

Our selective membership promises access to our vast network of partners and other equally distinguished clients. Carefully designed to go above and beyond your expectations, the TENco membership is your door to a world of endless possibilities.