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TENco boasts a meticulous network, strategically positioned across the globe, to provide you with seamless and timely responses to your every desire, anytime, anywhere.

Our international team is not only adept at understanding and respecting diverse cultures but also equipped with insider knowledge of each city’s hidden gems, ensuring that your experience is unforgettable.

Our Team

Portrait of Tural Mammadov, CEO of TENco

Tural Mammadov

Geneva Office

Victoria Izotova

Sales Director
Geneva Office

Valentin Bourquard

Relationship Manager
Geneva Office

Alejandra Maldonado

Jr Relationship Manager
US Office

Eliana Costa

Marketing&Growth Manager
Portugal Office

Marta Sousa

Operations Manager
Geneva Office

Anton Dauti

Business Development Director
Geneva Office
Agents Worldwide
Available 24/7
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Our Headquarters

4 Rue de Rive
1204 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 310 20 27

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The client who purchases a membership at TENco has a dedicated Relationship Manager who is supported by the operational team. The requests that we receive are dispatched simultaneously among the operational team which makes its implementation faster.

Absolutely, we guarantee a 5-minute response time and as soon as we have any emergency requests, we make it top priority.

Upon years we accumulated a trustworthy network of providers and partners. We only work with providers who are suggested by our network or the ones that have the reputation of the best provider in the sector.

If you purchase a Premium or Platinum Membership then you will have a dedicated Relationship Manager as a direct point of contact. Our Relationship Managers can have maximum of only 5 clients.

Yes, as a part of personal assistance services we can help to schedule your day with a calendar tool of your choice.

Communications with client are done through your preferred method of communication, so we are always only one message or phone call away. Also we have a network of trusted agents all over the world, so we will be able to assist you internationally and in any time zone.

Yes, we have all required accreditations as well as a huge network of providers in the travel industry in order to offer you exclusive preferential rates for hotels, holiday homes, commercial and private flights as well as car and yacht rental etc.

Yes, at the moment we offer our Essential and Premium Connections.

We have many cases when we work directly with a PA of a client. What usually happens is that a PA is overloaded and they are more than happy to outsource a part of their tasks so that they can focus on more confidential and important matters relevant to the family. Also a PA is one person only, who has limitations when it comes to hours of work or availability to travel. You will find we are available 24/7 and work in every time zone.

Yes, we offer event organisation services and a dedicated Event Manager who will organize and coordinate an event together with your Relationship Manager.

No, we offer you the possibility of having a second point of contact for all communication with us.

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