TENco provides complete solutions for all of our members lifestyle needs. Every event, brand and professional we work with has been personally and carefully selected to ensure unprecedented quality.

Our expertise, complemented by our exclusive curation of partners, allows us to create a lifetime of unforgettable moments.

Personal assistance

Your own dedicated personal assistant anticipates your every need and is available 24/7 to answer your requests. Whether you are looking for restaurant bookings, household services, personal shopping or access to rare luxury items, your personal assistant will be your first point of contact to ensure you receive exemplary personalized service for every request.


Together with our partners, TENco will organize and plan all of your travel arrangements for any destination worldwide. From yacht and private jet charter, accommodation at top luxurious establishments to car transfers, we will design and tailor your travel needs to your preferences as well as provide you access to our negotiated rates.


Wanting to expand your network? Whether you are looking for personal or business opportunities, becoming a part of TENco means you will have the access to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals within our exclusive community, building lasting and meaningful relationships.


Never worry about missing out on truly unique experiences. You will be granted privileged access to our own TENco events throughout the year, our event planning services for your special occasions as well as the opportunity to attend the most exclusive high-end events worldwide. Be ready for a lifetime of opportunities you will never forget.