TENco offers complete solutions for all of your lifestyle needs. Every event, brand and professional we work with has been personally and carefully selected to ensure unprecedented quality of service.

Our expertise, complemented by our exclusive curation of partners, allows us to create a lifetime of unforgettable moments.

Lifestyle Manager

Our devoted concierge team will personally anticipate your every need and be available to answer your special requests. Whether you are looking for privileged tickets to events, luxurious travel organization or simply transport enquires, your lifestyle manager will be your first point of contact to ensure you are receiving the service you desire.

Luxury Retreats

Dreaming of paradise? Leave the planning to us and simply point to your destination, and we promise the most luxurious retreat imaginable. A spa getaway in Bora Bora or weekend shopping in Milan, everything will be tailored and designed to your tastes.

Yacht Chartering

It’s smooth sailing from now on. Yacht chartering with TENco means a comfortable getaway into the waves and the sun, and a freedom to explore the seven seas the way you want.

Only of course, at the best rates and on the finest yachts. 

Private Charter Jets

No matter for business or for leisure, TENco will secure first-class private jets and assure you a smooth journey. International service from anywhere at anytime, we will negotiate the most efficient solutions and bespoke experiences. Flying is now effortless.

Privileged Event Access

Never worry about missing out – we will get your name on the list, your seat at the table, your golden ticket in your hands. Be ready for lifetime opportunities you will not forget.

Luxury Goods

Limited edition items do not come easy, but if you got your eye on something rare and unique, TENco will make the impossible possible. You can depend on our vast network to deliver that collector’s piece straight into your hands.

Transport & Security

Safety always comes first, and we are vigilantly prepared for any security or privacy concerns you might have. We guarantee professional security services for your personal protection, tailor-made for you and your family.

Private transportation to events or airports can also be arranged – a smooth journey on the road is ensured by our team of professional drivers. It’s time to live at ease and without worry with TENco.