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10 Exclusive Benefits

Through our TENco membership, members gain access to ten core benefits: each one carefully designed to help them live their life to the fullest.

1. The Exclusive Network

Our constantly expanding network is our pride, carefully curated to connect the most renowned of individuals, leaders, and influencers across diverse industries. Privileged access is only the tip of the iceberg: TENco is all about building sustainable and intimate relationships, and it is our pleasure to grow The Exclusive Network with you. An exciting new world awaits.


2. Tailor-Made Moments

Your TENco moments are yours, and yours alone. The concept of “tailor-made” will be taken to the next level, beyond any that you have known before. Any moment with us is a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.


3. Lifestyle Manager

The TENco membership grants an unlimited, year-round and worldwide access to your devoted concierge team. We will anticipate your needs, innovatively add value to your experiences, and be available 24/7 for all your special requests.


4. Negotiated Rates

Your benefits will be maximised and the costs minimised. Through meticulous planning, exclusive partnerships, and negotiations with the most acclaimed places and service providers, we promise an optimised experience. If you happen to request a service from outside our network, the TENco team will make every effort to guarantee premium deals and ensure the preferred terms on your behalf.  


5. TENco Rewards

Further rewards are waiting. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our members, and we appreciate your use of our services. What other way to acknowledge your loyalty than complimentary gratuities?


6. Global Travel Agents

As a certified travel agency, TENco will plan, book, and handle all your travel needs. Our knowledgeable travel agents are committed to understanding your preferences and desires – and excited to design the most memorable journeys with you.


7. Luxury Journal

Everyone has their own unique preferences and tastes – hence, we curate a luxury journal every season, personalised and tailored for you only. Filled with handpicked information by the TENco team that align with your interests, it contains a universe of new opportunities and paths to explore.


8. Wellness Advisor

New insights are constantly being discovered in the world of wellness. We are here to provide all the necessary material about the latest health trends, connect you with well-known experts, and arrange for retreats and recreational activities.


9. TENco Entertainment

TENco is all about creating sincere relationships and unforgettable moments. Together with our partners, we organise several exclusive events throughout the year, leading up to our anticipated annual TENco Gala. Expect glamour, opulence and lavishness; not to mention the opportunity for members, special guests and leaders of different industries to meet and connect.


10. Your TENco Experience

As you begin your membership, allow us to extend an invitation for a memorable and personalised experience, demonstrating precisely how we define “tailor-made” at The Exclusive Network. Welcome to the TENco family.


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