Nujuma, Saudi Arabia is Open for Booking

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury travel, a new chapter is being written along the shores of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea, with the unveiling of Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

Situated in an untouched enclave of azure waters, Nujuma emerges as a harmonious blend of elegance and exclusive indulgence. Developed over six years, Nujuma transcends the traditional resort. It is envisioned as a sanctuary where serenity and sophistication find a unique expression. The resort features sixty-three villas, designed with a modern aesthetic that compliments the breathtaking scenery, creating a community feel within a private setting.

Traveling to Nujuma is an experience in itself, as it is accessible only by a chartered journey or seaplane from the newly minted Red Sea International Airport. Located on a private island within the Blue Hole cluster, it promises unparalleled experiences from the moment of arrival. Each villa garantees privacy, with panoramic windows framing the interplay of sea and sky, filling the interiors with peaceful colors. The design integrates indoor luxury with outdoor beauty, creating spaces for reflection and connection with nature. A personal telescope in each villa offers guests a window to the cosmic drama above.

Dining at Nujuma is an exploration of flavors, with four specialty restaurants that blend the hospitality of Saudi Arabia with global culinary excellence. The offerings range from the freshest local seafood to imaginative beverages inspired by the stars.

Neyrah Spa at Nujuma is a rejuvenating retreat, combining ancient healing practices with contemporary wellness approaches. The treatments, inspired by the surrounding natural beauty, aim to rejuvenate guests in body and spirit.

Adventure seekers can look forward to the Galaxea Diving Center, offering a spectrum of activities to explore the vibrant coral reefs of The Red Sea. Whether it’s kayaking, sailing, or diving, the experiences are designed to engage with the sea’s wonders.

As evening falls, Nujuma transforms into a serene oasis. The firepit becomes a gathering point for shared stories and connection under the stars. Here, in the gentle embrace of sea and breeze, every moment is designed to become a cherished memory.

Nujuma invites travelers to discover a world of and every bespoke experience is designed to inspire. Booking your stay promises not just a visit to a sanctuary by The Red Sea but an entrance into a world of personalisation to the smallest details.

Contact us to learn more and reserve your journey to Nujuma. Be amongst the first to enjoy unique luxury, set against the captivating backdrop of The Red Sea.

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